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An ISO/OHSAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation          An ISO/OHSAS Certified and NABL Accredited Organisation

Perfect Enviro Services - Leading service provider for water testing, water analysis, water/waste water/sewage treatment plant in Chennai & Coimbatore

Water Treatment & Testing - Chennai

Water Testing, Water Treatment, Water Softener Companies & Laboratories Testing Services in Chennai - The Perfect Enviro Services is a premier organization in Chennai & Coimbatore with a strong team of experienced, committed professionals in the field of analytical lab testing services, water testing services, food testing services, soil testing services, oil testing services, food testing services, metal testing services, water treatment plants and consultation services. PES has emerged as an organization covering the entire spectrum of Environmental Management Services, which is a need of time also

Our team is built around a nucleus of advisors, technical staff and supportive staff, who have been working towards continuous growth and development of the organization. The team encompasses a wide range of personnel from the different streams like, science, engineering, administration, and other professionals in the fields as diverse as Graduates and postgraduates from different discipline in addition to environmental engineering.

PES is the leaders in the water analysis and testing services in Chennai equipped with all the latest equipments. We offer offering water analysis/monitoring/testing services, water / waste water treatment services, Drinking Water Analysis & testing, Bore well water monitoring & testing, Well water analysis & testing, Construction water analysis, RO water analysis & testing, Ground water analysis, sewage treatment plant(STP) water analysis, effluent treatment plant(ETP) water analysis, Boiler water analysis, Feed water analysis, Blow down water analysis, Waste Water Analysis & Pollution Testing services, Drinking Water, Portable Water, Raw water, Well Water, Borewell Water, RO Water, DM Water, Water for Processed Food Industry, Packaged Drinking Water, Packaged Natural Mineral Water, Packaged Natural Mineral Water, Fish Processing Industry-Water and Ice,

Our Air testing Laboratory services in Chennai include testing/monitoring/analysis of Ambient Air Quality Testing & Survey, Air quality & pollution testing services, Indoor air quality monitoring & testing, volatile organic compounds(VOC) monitoring & testing, Paint shop air quality testing, Environmental Monitoring, In-plant / Work-zone Air Quality monitoring & Survey, Stack Emission Quality Monitoring & testing, DG stack emission quality monitoring, Paint shop stack emission quality monitoring, Scrubber stack exhaust emission testing, Shot-blasting stack emission testing, Wind/Weather monitoring, Noise Level Measurement, Lux Level Measurement, Illumination Testing, Micrometeorological analysis & testing and Air contamination monitoring in chennai

We do have the separate testing division for oil analysis and testing, soil analysis/testing, Food analysis & testing and heavy metal analysis and testing services. Our food testing services include Dairy and Dairy Products, Oils and Fats, Fruits and Vegetable Products, Meat and Meat Products, Fish and Fish Products, Nuts and Nuts Products, Cereals and Cereals Products, Spices and Condiments, Sweets and Confectionary Products.

As a environmental consultancy services provider, perfectenviro offer other services like Consent order renewal, Consultation for TNPCB work, Hazardous waste authorization, Liasoning work with TNPCB, New consent order application & approval, Environment statement form V, Form – V filling consultant, Consent to Establish – Consultation, Form – IV filling maintenance work, Fire License approval consultant, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), TNPCB Liasoning consultant, HWA, CTE, CTO.


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Laboratory Testing Services

Chennai laboratory testing services - water testing, food testing, oil waste oil testing, sludge analysis, soil analysis,STP/ETP/RO water treatment plants...


Waste water Treatment Plants in chennai

Drinking Water Analysis,Bore well monitoring,RO water analysis,Ground water analysis,STP water analysis,ETP water analysis...



Consent order renewal,Consultation for TNPCB work,Hazardous waste authorization,Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA),TNPCB Liasoning consultant...


Turnkey Solutions

Sewage Treatment Plants(STP),Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP),industrial water treatment plant,industrial reverse osmosis plant in Chennai...


Environmental Management

Indoor air quality monitoring,VOC/environmental/paintshop/Stack Emission Quality/Micrometeorological/wind monitoring in chennai...


Operation & Maintenance

Reverse osmosis Water Treatment Plants(RO),Sewage/Effluent/De-salination/Water softener/ultrafiltration Treatment Plants Chennai



Analytical testing laboratories in Chennai - Micrometeorological monitoring,Chemical analysis,weather monitoring,Lab testing services...



NABL accredited laboratory testing services in Coimbatore-Covai has the latest sampling equipments for VOC monitoring,air quality testing ,...


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Expert Team Of professionals,ISO/OSHAS Certified Company,Accredited by NABL Organisation,Extensive experience...


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